Bollettini nuovi ricambi

Melett Product Bulletin 612

BV45 Core Assembly, K04 Core Assembly, GTC3788BNS Core Assembly, BMO Actuator, GTC3788BNS .

CHRAs you may have missed…

Popular Core Assemblies Here are some of the latest CHRAs to our range that you may have m.

Melett Product Bulletin 611

BM65B Core Assembly, KP39 Core Assembly, B01 Repair Kit, B2 Repair Kit, BM65B Bearing Hous.

Melett Product Bulletin 610

GT1549+VTC Core Assembly, BV35 Core Assembly, TD02 Repair Kit, RHF5 Actuator, TD02H2 Actua.

Recent CHRA Releases

Melett CHRA’s – Built and balanced in our fully equipped UK production facilit.

Melett Product Bulletin 609

BV30 Actuator, GTB1646VM Actuator, BV43 Actuator, GTD1749V Nozzle Ring Assembly.

Melett Product Bulletin 608

K04 CHRA, KP35 CHRA, BV45 Repair Kit, KP35 Bearing Housing, K04 Bearing Housing, K04 Shaft.

Melett Product Bulletin 607

GTD1244VZ Actuator, GT1238Z Actuator (Bypass Valve), TF035HLR Nozzle Ring Assembly, TF035H.